Mycroft's Blue Book Stock Guide 2014

Mycroft's Blue Book Stock Guide 2014

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Stop buying and selling blindly, and start investing like Warren Buffett does. In Mycrofta€™s Blue Book Stock Guide 2014, Mycroft Psaras gives you the market advantage by providing detailed analysis derived from the formula that helped make Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger billionaires. Whether youa€™re a novice or a seasoned pro, any investora€™s tool box is incomplete without this straightforward, accessible database. Mycroft presents major quantitative analysis on 2, 554 stocks, analyzed with buy, hold, sell, and short opinions and supported with powerful back-tested ratios. Preceding the database is a thorough walk-through of need-to-know industry terms, including a€œfree cash flow, a€ a€œnet income, a€ a€œdepreciation, a€ and a€œamortization.a€ He then explains how these interact with each other within the market and its analysis. Prior to purchasing a stock, many investors have little idea or interest in the true valuation of a company. Mycroft designed Mycrofta€™s Blue Book Stock Guide 2014 to be used as a reference guide for deriving an accurate, straightforward valuation of a company and giving investors the upper hand on other market participants. Mycroft presents his research in a straightforward, no-frills manner that is accessible to both the novice and seasoned investor. Its purpose is the same as a consumer guide for purchasing a television or a vehicle. Ita€™s meant to help investors make their own decisions about where to put their money. It is a starting point in performing your own due diligence on a company.For instance, you would never see a person go into a Toyota Dealership and pay $500, 000 for a Toyota Prius, because each ... Readers should use this book as a consumer guide for stocks similar to a consumer report for a television or car.

Title:Mycroft's Blue Book Stock Guide 2014
Author:Loralee Jayne Haughn
Publisher:Mycroft Psaras - 2013-11-09


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