Naked Truths

Naked Truths

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Naked Truths is the true story of a New Jersey grandmother who was arrested for taking innocent nude photos of her two young granddaughters. Through the telling of her personal experiences in the clutches of the criminal justice system and child protective services, she raises serious questions about crucial issues that concern all of us: issues of privacy and censorship; of freedom of expression and the erosion of our First Amendment rights; of overzealous and wrongful prosecutions; and of our frenetic attempt to protect children in a very threatening world, often sacrificing the very children and families they claim to protect. Naked Truths is about a modern day witch hunt where innocent people are caught in a trap meant to catch actual pornographers and pedophiles; where film processors are vigilantes for the state and where the justice system has free rein to create havoc with no accountability. Naked Truths will tell you well-kept secrets about: * Parental Rights You Thought You Had, * Illusions of Privacy That We Live With, * What Your Own Lawyer Doesn't Want You To Know, * Dangers Lurking in Child Protective Services, and much more.... .I did not hear from my lawyer again until I saw him in court at the final case review , in January. ... In the year between my arrest and the final hearing, my lawyer generated two pieces of paper: a statement of his fee, and a letter to the attorney for the Board of Education stating ... on my final court date and that if community service were a requirement I would have to do it before the case could be dismissed.

Title:Naked Truths
Author:Marian Rubin
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-05-01


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