New Perspectives on Keynes

New Perspectives on Keynes

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Interest in John Maynard Keynes has increased significantly over the past decade with the publication of his collected writings, increased access to his unpublished papers, and the resulting explosion of secondary literature. Responding to this renewed attention, this collection brings together economists and historians of economics with scholars from philosophy and other related fields to reconsider Keynesa€™s work and its legacy. Several of these essays look at Keynes not simply as an economist, but more broadly as a philosopher. Special attention is directed to his views on aesthetics and moral philosophy, as well as his contributions as a probability theorist. The development of the Keynesian heritage is also considered: How did Keynesian ideas become assimilated and domesticated into the mainstream of economic thoughta€”to the point of becoming dominant as the orthodoxy of the economics profession? What was the relationship between postwar British conservatives, Keynesa€™s work, and Britaina€™s relative economic decline? The archivist in charge of Keynesa€™s papers provides an additional vantage point on Keynesa€™s working methods and the broad range of scholars interested in his writings. Finally, all of the essays are followed by a respondera€™s comments, thus providing an exchange of viewpoints. Contributors. A. W. Coats, Allin F. Cottrell, Jacqueline Cox, William Darity, John Davis, Robert Dimand, Peter Groenewegen, Kevin Hoover, Henry E. Kyburg Jr., David Laidler, Michael S. Lawlor, Greg Lilly, D. E. Moggridge, R. M. Oa€™Donnell, Kerry Pearce, Jochen Runde, Teddy Seidenfeld, J. D. TomlinsonPrincipia Ethica proposed to define beauty as that of which the admiring contemplation is good. Thus, if contemplation of an ... Virtue, for example, was apparently something of which the admiring contemplation was good, but which was not beautiful. Intrinsically good ... But Keynes did not spell out clearly what this sense was, and therein lies the key to much of the imprecision of the essay. The only clueanbsp;...

Title:New Perspectives on Keynes
Author:Allin Cottrell, Michael S. Lawlor
Publisher:Duke University Press - 1995


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