Newspaper Shreds

Newspaper Shreds

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Seven thousand miles is the distance between Cairo, Egypt and the U.S. east coast, and I have been exposed to the worst kind of abuse on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. a€œNewspaper Shreds, a€ spread on my late mothera€™s bed, on her a€œhoneymoona€ signaled to my late father that my mothera€™s pregnancy with me was a result of adultery. Being convinced of a childa€™s illegitimacy by a non-Arab husband wouldna€™t be such a a€œgreat deal, a€ but to an Egyptian (particularly Christian) husband , the consequences are no less than a disaster, a lifetime disaster to both the wife and the child. On the late morning of August 17, 2008, I determined for myself that I have always been my fathera€™s legitimate son. My story may be an indictment of the culture in which I was born and raised, and of my own fathera€™s treatment of my mother and myself. However, it is important to me, just like anything in my life, that I tell the Truth: a€œI have loved my father a whole lot more than I cared for life itself. My story spans more than six decades of witnessing the terrible treatment of women both in Egypt as well as the United States. The novel also displays the disastrous effects that those attitudes and that treatment have wrought on the children born to those societies. This is not a social commentary, but a personal story that really impacted me and a€œalmosta€ my beliefs. It has black-colored the way I see the world. At one point in my life, due to a serious illness, I wrongly thought that I would never be able to father children. The night I thought that there was a€œno hope, a€ I was sitting with an elderly lady, that same night, who lived next door to me in Cincinnati. As the lady realized that she had no more phrases to comfort me, she left me with one sentences. a€œSo what, rats multiply too, but they live and die as rats, a€ she said.I submitted the paper (above) to the technical editor of the journal for presentation in the Annual Spring Meeting of the ASME, which ... The reason is that, upon my Ph.D. completion, successful dissertation defense, and even publication, Dr. Tabakoff insisted that I ... in my Scottsdale house (then) to finish up the stupid documentation, as well as usersa#39; manuals plus some other documents I cannot recall.

Title:Newspaper Shreds
Author:Erian A. Baskharone, Ph.D., P.E.
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-07-15


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