Nimisha's Ship

Nimisha's Ship

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Nimisha Boynton-Rondymense was the body-heir of Lady Rezalla and, as such, was the heiress of one of the First Families on Vega III. But even as a child she eschewed the formalities of her aristocratic background and was happiest in her father's shipyard. By the time she was in her twenties she was the designer of the most advanced space yacht in the galaxy, and was owner of the Rondymense shipyards. It was on a test of her Mark 5 prototype that things went wrong. In an empty space field, suitable for test runs, she was suddenly confronted with the boiling white pout of a wormhole, was sucked in, only to be thrown out into an unknown dimension of space. She was not the first. As she explored this new, unfamiliar section of the universe she found traces of ships that had been marooned over many centuries. Not knowing if she would ever return to the world she knew, Nimisha chose to land on 'Erewhon' - fascinating, terrifying, beautiful and frightening - and inhabited not only by three survivors of a previous Vegan ship but by something else...ears of a First Family scion, so she was pleased to become acquainted with more socially correct usage. ... However, her tutor did find a manual for a professional design unit and she privately sighed over its seemingly ... She had quickly grown fond of the bright, cheerful child in her care and, if she bent a few rules for Nimisha, the girl did the same for her. ... of the primary Vegan Fleet Space Yard, where new vessels were built and older ones underwent maintenance and refitting.

Title:Nimisha's Ship
Author:Anne McCaffrey
Publisher:Random House - 2012-07-31


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