Not Different Enough

Not Different Enough

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Not Different Enough is a humorous, heart-warming and occasionally, heart-breaking recounting of the 30-year journey with my daughter and autism, Asperger's and intellectual disabilities. It is not filled with special diets, treatments, therapies or political activism. It is a glimpse into the everyday life of a person with those disabilities and how it affects a family on a day-today basis. You will laugh and cry as you identify with Kalisha and me, even if you don't have a child with a disability. Many of the concepts discussed apply to everyone; doctors, therapists, dentists, parents, teachers and friends. When I was writing the book, I would ask Kalisha if she wanted to read each chapter. She told me she didn't care what I wrote about her; she just wanted people to know what it is like to be her. The title was chosen when Kalisha came home from school one afternoon and said, qMom, the kids at school don't know I have autism, they just think I'm weird. I guess I'm not different enough.I would probably never know what happened, but she feels the need to tell on herself. Ia#39;m glad she does, although there have been times I wish I didna#39;t have to hear it. Her friendliness is an asset, also. She has great customer service skills.

Title:Not Different Enough
Author:Gloria Doty
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-01-23


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