Nutritional and Environmental Influences on the Eye

Nutritional and Environmental Influences on the Eye

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Significant advancements in nutrition's impact on the eye have occurred faster than any volume can document... until now. This book gives the background and rationale regarding the physiological damage caused by biological oxidants as well as the rationale for the protective roles for nutrient-antioxidants and how they affect the risk for cataracts. This volume also contains information on how to quantitatively assess age-related diseases of the eye including cataracts and age-related maculopathy. Smoking and light exposure as factors for age-related eye diseases as well as the utility of potential anticataract pharmaceuticals is discussed.In a phase diagram the conditions ofbressure and temperature for solid, liquid, and gaseous phases of water are separated ... The presence of a second component can shift the phase boundaries and the melting and/or boiling points of water.

Title:Nutritional and Environmental Influences on the Eye
Author:Allen Taylor
Publisher:CRC Press - 1999-03-30


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