Odes of Solomon

Odes of Solomon

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Known until the 18th century only from fragmentary quotations andreferences in patristic literature, more recent discoveries of Greek, Coptic, and Syriac manuscripts have drawn fresh interest and attentionto the Odes of Solomon, a collection of Christian poetry from thesecond century rich in imagery and exhibiting an exotic spirituality. Internationally renowned expert on the Odes Michael Lattke providesa meticulous translation and discussion of the textual transmission ofthe Odes, along with judicious commentary on the place of the Odesin the development of Gnosticism, Logos theology, and early Christianworship. Historians and students of early Christianity will find thiscommentary a valuable resource for years to come.... referent of the third masculine singular possessive suffixes to the Comprehensive Guide (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1996) 531-40 ... In that case , the a is a relative particle (Payne Smith, 1:980). ... those which use Qipdn/wirTai + dative (Judg 13:10; Matt 17:3; Acts 7:2) or eipdvr) + dative (Matt 1:20; Mark 16:9 ; Luke 1:11).

Title:Odes of Solomon
Author:Michael Lattke
Publisher: - 2009


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