One Bugle, No Drums

One Bugle, No Drums

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Korea, December 1950. The temperature has plunged to 20-degrees below zero. Cold enough to crack rocket-launcher ammo wide open. But not cold enough to stop a massive Communist assault against U.S. forces. As the 8th Army retreats, the Marines dig in at Chosin Reservoir and are quickly cut off and surrounded. This is the riveting account of what happened next. The brilliant Marine attack that was to become a classic in military operations. The personal heroism, private ordeals, bitter fighting, and final victory. Told in the powerful words of a man who was there, it is a story you will never forget.In fact, a few felt just the opposite, grudgingly enduring the required physical exams. However, the ... other Reservists to be assigned to the 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, then at only half strength. This battalion ... aquot;Ia#39;m going strictly by the book.a€ A few men with engineera#39;s specifications were placed in the engineer platoon attached to the battalion. The rest ... Seeing that every fourth man would be placed in the same company, the remaining Roanokers lined up accordingly. Midwayanbsp;...

Title:One Bugle, No Drums
Author:William Hopkins
Publisher:Algonquin Books - 2012-05-21


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