One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way

One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way

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One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way promotes ageless aging and a higher quality life by introducing twenty-five main steps to promote longevity. This handbook offers tips not only on maintaining longevity, but also on body, mind, and spirit/spirituality training in three sections and 660 pages. Success in one area leads to success in the others, and so author Earl Fee focuses on all three aspects of personal health. One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way is a complete guide to longevity paving the way for a rich, long life by using natural methods to improve the quality of life. Including helpful information for diabetics and others with health challenges, it describes options for maintaining the healthiest diet possible. Fee explains that ten to twenty minutes of short-fast aerobic exercises can promote anti-aging more effectively than long, slow exercise sessions. He also explains that there are ten essential supplements, as well as seventeen of the best vitamin and mineral supplements that can help with the anti-aging process. From mental exercises that prevent dementia to ways to gain the power of the spirit, One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way proves that ita€™s never too late take control and develop new, healthy habits.... 7- fitnessgodfather.html 8- Jack LaLanne website, ... Merck Manual of Medical Information, 2nd Home Edition, Pocket Books, Simon and Shuster, New York, NY, 2003. Pritchardanbsp;...

Title:One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way
Author:Earl Fee
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-04-20


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