Only the Faces Change - A High School Odyssey

Only the Faces Change - A High School Odyssey

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Only the Faces Change is a humorous, poignant story of teachers, both good and bad, of students searching for truth In education and in their personal lives, and of failed bureaucratic attempts to Improve education. Herb Williams encourages students to speak for themselves through discussions and notes (Dear Herbies), from a coffee can; satirizes directives from principals, counselors, attendance supervisors and parents; values contributions from colleagues (From the Campus Inn); Incorporates the latest rumors from one who knows them all (The Ear with an Attitude); and integrates satirical columns from his newspaper days (Fiction and Fact from the Almanac). His message is clear: We cannot spend, legislate, or test our way to educational excellence. Without concerned parents, enthusiastic students, and teachers who have a love for the game, share innovation, empathy and rapport with their charges, only the faces will change.offered the issue only to students who were willing to leave an identification card, which was likely to brand the youngster as a ... Even with the racial overtones, students who read Mockingbird enjoyed it, and I got no complaints from parents.

Title:Only the Faces Change - A High School Odyssey
Author:Herb Williams
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-11-11


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