Opportunities and Drawbacks of Extended Opening Hours versus Online Shopping in the German Food Trade

Opportunities and Drawbacks of Extended Opening Hours versus Online Shopping in the German Food Trade

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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: This report analyses whether the German market is ripe for online grocery shopping or whether German food retailers should continue fighting for their right to extend the opening hours. The research question of this project is: Opportunities and drawbacks of extended opening hours versus online shopping in the German food trade on the basis of a consumer behaviour analysis Both secondary and primary data have been collected. Secondary data has been essential in providing background information for this project. The literature mainly gives information about research methods, concepts of market analysis and consumer behaviour, the German market and e-business. Primary quantitative data has been collected implementing the concept of judgement sampling to give indications of trends and attitudes in the German population. 152 German supermarket customers have been interviewed face to face. In addition primary qualitative research has been undertaken with the help of four in-depth interviews with experts from the supermarket industry. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: 1.Introduction6 1.1Objectives8 2.Research Methodology10 2.1Primary Data10 2.2Secondary Data11 3.Scenario Analysis12 4.The German Market15 4.1The German Law of Opening Hours15 4.2Definitions16 4.3Extension of Opening Hours17 4.4Porter s Five Forces Analysis19 4.4.1Threat of Entry19 4.4.2Bargaining Power of Suppliers20 4.4.3Bargaining Power of Buyers20 4.4.4Threat of Substitutes21 4.4.5Rivalry among Participants21 4.5SWOT Analysis of German Market for E-grocers22 4.5.1Strengths22 4.5.2Weaknesses24 4.5.3Opportunities26 4.5.4Threats27 5.Online Issues28 5.1General Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping28 5.1.1Benefits of e-commerce28 5.1.2Problems of e-commerce28 5.2Factors influencing Online Shopping in Germany29 5.2.1Internet Familiarity30 5.2.2Credit Card Use31 5.2.3At Home Access31 5.2.4Convenience32 5.3Requirements for becoming an e-grocer33 6.Primary Research Findings36 6.1Quantitative Survey36 6.1.1Frequency of Grocery shopping37 6.1.2Preferred Shopping Time37 6.1.3Frequency of Internet Usage38 6.1.4Amount of Internet Usage38 6.1.5Types of Internet Usage39 6.1.6Items Bought Online39 6.1.7Non-Online Groceries40 6.1.8Major Reasons for and against the Extension of Opening Hours41 6.1.9Major Reasons for and against Online Grocery Shopping41 6.2In-depth Interviews42 7.Consumer Behaviour Analysis45 7.1Decision Making Process45 7.2Sociocultural Environment48 7.2.1Reference Groups and Family Influences48 7.2.2Social class50 7.2.3Culture54 7.2.4Subcultures58 7.3Psychological Field60 7.3.1Consumer Motivation60 7.3.2Consumer Perception66 7.3.3Consumer Learning70 7.3.4Consumer Personality75 7.3.5Consumer Attitude Formation and Change78 7.3.6Communication and Consumer Behaviour81 7.4Involvement86 8.Conclusion88 8.1Strategic Implications92 8.2Limitations94 9.Reference List96 10.Bibliography103 11.Appendix105 11.1Appendix 1: Shopping on Saturday105 11.2.aAppendix 2a: Questionnaire in English106 11.2.bAppendix 2b: Questionnaire in German107 11.3.aAppendix 3a: Discussion Guide in English108 11.3.bAppendix 3b: Discussion Guide in German109 11.4Appendix 4: Porter s Five Forces Model110 11.5Appendix 5: Potential of Products Being Bought Online111 11.6Appendix 6: Analysis of Questionnaire according to Age112 11.7Appendix 7: Analysis of Questionnaire according to Profession116 11.8.aAppendix 8a: Reasons For The Extension Of Opening Hours120 11.8.bAppendix 8b: Reasons Against The Extension Of Opening Hours120 11.8.cAppendix 8c: Reasons For Online Shopping121 11.8.dAppendix 8d: Reasons Against Online Shopping121Credit card payment is certainly the easiest and most convenient way to pay online. ... (Gladding, 2000, The Internet Market Place Review) 80% of online shopping takes place at home rather than at work, in public institutions or Internet cafes.

Title:Opportunities and Drawbacks of Extended Opening Hours versus Online Shopping in the German Food Trade
Author:Martina Schäfer
Publisher:diplom.de - 2004-10-24


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