Order from Chaos

Order from Chaos

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The Six Steps to Organizational Freedom Do you: *Miss important deadlines at work? *Forget to return urgent phone calls? *Lose papers that were a€œjust here a minute agoa€? *Have multiple layers of sticky notes on your computer? *Leave projects unfinished for days, weeks, or even months at a time? If any of these sound familiar, then you are among the ranks of the disorganizeda€”whether mildly or completelya€”and Liz Davenport has written this book just for you. Order from Chaos is the organizing book for disorganized people. In six easy steps she offers a system that will help you clean up your act. She demonstrates how to clear your desk by teaching you what's trash and why, reveals what a calendar is really meant to be, and provides a no-fail system for prioritization. At the end of the day, your desk will be clear and your mind will be free to relax. Rather than offering overcomplicated instructions for filing systems and time management plans, Order from Chaos focuses on ease of use. There is not one persona€”from office assistant to CEOa€”who will not benefit from this straightforward, easy-to-maintain plan. From the Trade Paperback edition.A Six-Step Plan for Organizing Yourself, Your Office, and Your Life Liz Davenport ... I can SHUT OFF MY BRAIN! Being a night person, I also move the page marker to tomorrow and glance at tomorrow to be sure I will not be blindsided ... At bedtime, you lie down, with an angelic little smile on your face and drift effortlessly off to sleep. ... Clean Off Your Desk at the End of the Day 198 | ORDER from CHAOS.

Title:Order from Chaos
Author:Liz Davenport
Publisher:Harmony - 2010-04-28


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