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The unique format of this book differs from all other review and test preparation texts. The primary intent of the book is to serve as a study aid to improve performance on paramedic certification and refresher examinations. With this goal in mind, the text is written in rapid-fire, question/answer format. The student receives immediate gratification with a correct answer. Misleading or confusing multiple-choice 'foils' are not provided, thereby eliminating the risk of assimilating erroneous information that made an impression. Questions themselves often contain a pearl reinforced in association with the question/answer. Additional hooks are often attached to the answer in various forms, including mnemonics, evoked visual imagery, repetition and humour. Additional information not requested in the question may be included in the answer.Location and nature a€” vehicle can be dispatched as soon as these are known; call back number; nature of event. nn Discuss some of the advantages of using codes in radio communications. They can shorten airtime, provide unambiguous anbsp;...

Author:Guy H. Haskell
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Learning - 2004-01


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