Parenting Teens

Parenting Teens

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Just mentioning the teenage years can send shivers up a parent s spine, but the difficulties others have had with communication, behavior, schooling, and launching their teen into adulthood need not affect your family. With Parenting Teens, Dr. Clifford L. Johnson, a twenty-year veteran of the educational system, including ten years as a school counselor, presents ten succinct tips for helping your teen succeed. Dr. Johnson has designed this compact guide to be read and then reread so that you can easily internalize the material. Readings will guide you on how to acquire good communication skills, establish positive study habits, direct you in finding a mentor for your teen, and locating summer programs, in addition to preparing your teen for college entrance exams. After counseling thousands of parents and teens, Dr. Johnson has distilled the key strategies you need to help your teen navigate social, academic, and family issues. Use this book as a starting place for informative discussions with your teen about getting and staying on track. In Parenting Teens: Ten Secrets to Making Your Teenager More Successful in High School and Beyond you will find that each chapter presents ideas to discuss and provides suggestions on how to give your teenager the edge that s essential in today s competitive environment.So how do you perform well on the SAT and the ACT? Ia#39;m not sure there is an easy answer, but the students Ia#39;ve worked with have taught me this: If there is one trait in common among teens who score well on the college entrance exams, anbsp;...

Title:Parenting Teens
Author:Clifford L. Johnson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-02


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