Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

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He was born to be a weapon. For her, he must learn to be a hero. Since birth, Alec Farley has been trained to be a living weapon. His firestarter and telekinetic abilities have been honed to deadly perfection by the Resource, a shadowy anti-terrorist organizationa€”the only family he has ever known. What the Resource didna€™t teach him, though, is how to play well with others. When psychologist Beth Nakamora meets Alec to help him work on his people skills, shea€™s hit with a double-barreled first impression. Hea€™s hot in more ways than one. And her first instinct is to rescue him from his insular existence. Her plan to kidnap and deprogram him goes awry when her latent telepathic ability flares, turning Aleca€™s powers off. Hoping close proximity will reignite his flame, she leads him by the hand through a world hea€™s never known. And something else flares: Aleca€™s anger over everything hea€™s been denied. Especially the passion that melds his mind and body with hers. The Resource, however, isna€™t going to let anythinga€”or anyonea€”steal its prime investment. Alec needs to be reminded where his loyalties lie...starting with breaking his trust in the woman hea€™s come to love. Warning: Contains telekinetic sex, nuclear explosion sex hot enough to melt steel, and various and sundry swear words.A Honda. Hea#39;d been hoping for a sports car. But at least he was leaving with Beth to go to her place, where they could be alone with no watchers. ... She dropped the tarp in the backseat, sat down behind the wheel, picked up the keys from the drivera#39;s seat and turned over the ignition. ... I wona#39;t hurt you.a€ a€œYeah, well, this needle doesna#39;t scream harmless.a€ He jerked away from her and banged his back anbsp;...

Title:Phoenix Rising
Author:Corrina Lawson
Publisher:Samhain Publishing - 2011-11-08


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