Plasma Wave Electronics Devices for THz Detection

Plasma Wave Electronics Devices for THz Detection

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We study responsivity, sensitivity and response time of plasma wave devices based on Si, GaAs and GaN material systems, and investigate load and bias dependences of the device performance in resonant and non-resonant detection regimes.At room temperature Si MOS is suitable, most probably, for non-resonant detection only. ... mobility in Si I¼ = 500 cm2/Vs, can be obtained as I„ = I¼m/e = 0.055 ps, providing the quality factor, I‰I„ alt; 1, even at f agt; 2 THz. ... Two computer governed Keithley Source meters 2410 were used to apply dc voltage (or current) to the drain and gate contacts of the transistor. ... Vth =0.34 V; surface mobility I¼I¼I¼I¼ = = = = 300 cm2/Vs, and drains and source series resistances, Rd = Rs = 20 ohm, (all atanbsp;...

Title:Plasma Wave Electronics Devices for THz Detection
Author:Dmitry B. Veksler
Publisher:ProQuest - 2007


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