Playing Black Ops II Multiplayer on Official Servers

Playing Black Ops II Multiplayer on Official Servers

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On a cheat site, it was written, 400 000 members of cheat sites are ready to download cheats when Black Ops II launch. Since, there is always the same number of cheaters, in fact, all matches you can do in this game have at least a aimboter and somes wallhackers, and if you are experimented, you will always fight against them because the matchmaking is made to balance the teams fighting together. Clans of cheaters are often met because a cheater alone cana€™t win and so rage quits. Hacked and cracked lobbies represent 99% of the lobbies available. In the first opus of the game, the organization gameservers/clanservers rented for low price servers for players choosing their match in a server browser. But in the second opus, this organization rents servers to cheaters, because no server browser is available cause of the problem of cracked game. On the first day of the release of the game, the server browser was available, but the day after it was removed by developers. All servers arena€™t Valves Anti-Cheat (VAC) secure. Servers owners of these games are full of money because they dona€™t spend time for developing the game and dona€™t want to spend time for banning all the cheaters. They let Fairfight, Punkbuster, VACa€b look like noobs to ban cheaters. Fighting cheaters isna€™t easy, and their doing are very annoying for everyone. I was abble to enjoy playing the best multiplayer game of this day, but before it was very annoying to fight and play with a lot of cheaters because the game is very popular, and a lot of players stop playing it because of lags introduced by cheaters, moreover they wanted that we believe they have skill and starting to insult players because cheaters has no intellect and conscious while invaded the game leting only one chance for them to enjoy the game. With this book you will have easy to play on official servers of Black Ops if you apply the instructions explained and minimize the number of cheaters in your game. In the book named a€œAnti-Cheating Note and Solutiona€œ of the same author, there is more informations for apply security in other multiplayer games.Using cheat-engine or CFF file modifications for games arena#39;t recommended, there is a risk of be banned, cause ita#39;s considered as hacking, and ita#39;s easy to cheat with cheat-engine. You can use NewB program with exemple codes given in thisanbsp;...

Title:Playing Black Ops II Multiplayer on Official Servers
Author:Michael Franiatte
Publisher:Michael Franiatte - 2014-10-11


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