Pock's World

Pock's World

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In this thrilling story of adventure and suspense by master storyteller Dave Duncan, five flawed individuals must decide the fate of an entire world. On the outskirts of the Ayne Sector sits Pocka€™s World. Years ago, humankind settled the planet. Now, it might or might not have been infested by humanoid aliens, hidden amongst the populace, waiting to interbreed and use humans as incubators for their parasitic spawn. Five people are chosen to travel to the quarantined Pocka€™s World to find out whether it should be sterilized of all life--a ruthless priest, a scandal-seeking reporter, an ambitious politician, a bureaucrat, and a questionable billionaire. Each has his or her own agenda as to what they wish to find on that distant planet. Instead, they discover the unexpected--a web of deceit, love, politics, and religion. With very little time left, there dona€™t seem to be any simple answers in the complicated universe of Pocka€™s World. qEntertaining, fast-moving and thoughtful SF, with engaging characters.q - S. M. StirlingAthena put a plug in her ear, and said, a€œHow do I sound?a€ Braata replied in Pocosin. Inside her ear a thin voice said, a€œVery good. Nonetheless I shall not sing to you. The speakers are shrill.a€ When heled ... a€œThat is Draff Water, a€ their guide said.

Title:Pock's World
Author:Dave Duncan
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-04-01


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