Poetry, Pictures, and Popular Publishing

Poetry, Pictures, and Popular Publishing

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In Poetry, Pictures, and Popular Publishing eminent Rossetti scholar LorraineJanzen Kooistra demonstrates the cultural centrality of a neglected artifact:the Victorian illustrated gift book. Turning a critical lens on a€œdrawing-room booksa€ as both material objects and historical events, Kooistra reveals how the gift booka€™s visual/verbal form mediated a€œhigha€ and popular art as well as book and periodical publication. A composite text produced by many makers, the poetic gift book was designed for domestic space and a female audience; its mode of publication marks a significant momentin the history of authorship, reading, and publishing. With rigorous attention to the gift booka€™s aesthetic and ideological features, Kooistra analyzes the contributions of poets, artists, engravers, publishers, and readers and shows how its material form moved poetry into popular culture. Drawing on archival and periodical research, she offers new readings of Eliza Cook, Adelaide Procter, and Jean Ingelow and shows the transatlantic reach of their verses. Boldly re-situating Tennysona€™s works within the gift-book economy he dominated, Kooistra demonstrates how the conditions of corporate authorship shaped the production and receptionof the laureatea€™s verses at the peak of his popularity. Poetry, Pictures, and Popular Publishing changes the map of poetrya€™s placea€”in all its sensesa€”in Victorian everydaylife and consumer culture.The Illustrated Gift Book and Victorian Visual Culture, 1855-1875 Lorraine Janzen Kooistra ... and Home Scenes inOriginal Poems and Pictures, changed the focus from rural cottages to bourgeois interiors but also ... Home, sweethome, was therefore a celebrated institution: Christmas was its perfect expressiona€ (11).

Title:Poetry, Pictures, and Popular Publishing
Author:Lorraine Janzen Kooistra
Publisher:Ohio University Press - 2014-10-07


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