Popular Music And Television In Britain

Popular Music And Television In Britain

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Listening to popular music and watching television have become the two most common activities for postwar generations in Britain. From the experiences of programmes like Oh Boy! and Juke Box Jury, to the introduction of 24 hour music video channels, the number and variety of television outputs that consistently make use of popular music, and the importance of the small screen as a principal point of contact between audiences and performers are familiar components of contemporary media operation. Through a concentration on four main areas in which TV organises and presents popular music a€“ history and heritage; performers and performances; comedy and drama; audiences and territories a€“ the book investigates a diverse range of musical genres and styles, factual and fictional programming, historical and geographical demographics, and the constraints of commerce and technology to provide the first systematic account of the place of popular music on British television.... although television can a#39;construct intimate momentsa#39; through its use of emotion and psychological characterisation, the ... comes to be told in many of the Classic Albums episodes concerns the emotional labour involved in album production.

Title:Popular Music And Television In Britain
Author:Dr Ian Inglis
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2013-01-28


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