Practical Palm Pre webOS Projects

Practical Palm Pre webOS Projects

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The Palm Pre is the hottest new device on the block. Ita€™s the cell phonea€”nay, personal digital everythinga€”that all the cool kids want to get their hands on...but no one wants to use it more than developers! The Palm Pre is more than just a way-cool device, though: it is built on Palma€™s webOS, an operating system that changes the game for developers. Building on standards-based web technologies, webOS allows us to create applications more quickly and easily than any other platform out there using the same technologies we know and love already. It turns out to be quite fun, too! In this book, youa€™ll learn all about the Palm Pre and webOS, their capabilities, and how to develop for them. Youa€™ll learn to write applications that function entirely on the Pre itself, and youa€™ll also learn to write applications that a€œlive in the clouda€ (i.e., keep you connected to the digital world around you). Youa€™ll spend most of your time looking at Mojo, the framework API through which your code interfaces with the operating system. All of this will be presented within the context of six fully functional real-world applications that you can use on your own Pre! Once youa€™re done, youa€™ll be ready to write your own webOS applications for the Pre, get them into the app catalog (the online store where Pre applications are made available to Pre owners), and make tons of cash. Learn to program the Palm Pre by sticking to JavaScript. Write useful apps as well as games. Become productive using Mojo and upload new applications within a day. What youa€™ll learn All about the Palm Pre, its capabilities, webOS architecture, application structure, and development model (including tooling) The Mojo framework/API, what it offers, how ita€™s organized, and more How to interact with cloud-based services to provide a connected experience for Pre applications How to write on-device applications that store all their data locally (some will then sync to a server-side store when later connected) How to write games as well as useful apps Who this book is for This book is for fairly experienced web developers looking to take their skills mobile and get a leg up on Palm Pre, webOS, and Mojo development. Table of Contents The New Kid(s) on the Block The Four, er, Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse A Place for Your Stuff: Code Cabinet A Gateway to Industry: Local Business Search Time for a Break: Engineer, a webOS Game Keeping an Eye on Friends: Twitter Monitor Project Management for All: Time TrackerThis is handled in the getFriendsTap() method that was attached to the Button as the Mojo. ... First, the Get Friends Button needs to be restored to its initial state, and the handy resetButton() method does that: SettingsAssistant.prototype.

Title:Practical Palm Pre webOS Projects
Author:Frank Zammetti
Publisher:Apress - 2009-12-16


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