Prairie Preacher

Prairie Preacher

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Prairie Preacher tells the story of a young Lutheran pastor who accepts his first call to a church in central North Dakota in 1955. Byron Ellison is assigned there for one year, at the end of which the congregation will vote to keep him on permanently. The year is full of trials and hardships for the rural church, even threatening its very existence. Pastor Ellison has much to learn about becoming an accepted member of the provincial area. He makes mistakes while helping his congregation deal with prejudices and the trials of life. He makes many good friends and at least one staunch enemy. The young man grows in faith as he is often tested. With humor and through tears, he grows in understanding about trust, forgiveness and acceptance as he shares tears and joy with his best friend and neighbors.He wasna#39;t about to be left at a class without his mom. Elton put the ... Otherwise, I guess it wouldna#39;t hurt this old buzzard to go to Sunday school.a€ a€œWell ... a€œThanks, teacher, a€ Elton said, he turned to kids, a€œWe like our nice teachers, dona#39;t we kids? ... I have to admit, I didna#39;t know the motions that go with the Zaccheus song.

Title:Prairie Preacher
Author:P. J. Hoge
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-01


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