Predict Market Swings With Technical Analysis

Predict Market Swings With Technical Analysis

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A fresh perspective on predicting the market The experience of Wall Street investment manager and analyst Michael McDonald offers a new perspective on how to navigate the turbulent ups and downs of the markets. His innovative approach to the stock market teaches investors how to use new investment strategies intended to replace the qbuy and hold foreverq strategies of yesterday. McDonald discusses what a qtrading rangeq market is-a roller-coaster ride in which the market will neither gain nor lose much ground-and guides readers through this market with his proven investment strategies. This book provides an understandable way to make sense of the unpredictable stock market, taking into account more complex theories, including chaos and contrarian approaches. Along with his expert advice, McDonald presents four investing paradoxes that will help investors make smarter decisions now and predict where the market is heading, using his proven theories.and stock price patterns, 139 Fundamental analysis vs. technical analysis, 77a€” 79 Fund of funds, 198, 203 Future dollara#39;s present value, 53a€”54 Futures polling services, 112 Fuzzy dividends, 66, 67 Fuzzy numbers, 63a€”64 Gann, W. D., 125, anbsp;...

Title:Predict Market Swings With Technical Analysis
Author:Michael McDonald
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2002-10-02


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