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Damina Rose is Native of Detroit but a resident of Tampa. A daughter of a hustler and a fashionista Mina is no stranger to speaking her mind or meeting the grind. You wont meet present day Mina till the end of the story. This is her telling a story of how , when, why, who, and where, of becoming and living the life of a hit-woman. After two attempt's of being raped by people she trust. By the time she was fourteen she turned cold and sunk revenge. Ridding the world of pedophiles one by one. Her first taste of love was also taken away from her at a young age when he was murdered which took a piece of her and made her vow to get payback on her two offenders as well as her lovers slayer. It's Mina 21st birthday and she may have found a new chance at love, little does she know Devontae may be her biggest enemy to date when she finds out their past and close friends may intertwine. Will Mina keep playing the game or get played? You cant trust a pretty face and a smile, or can you?It was a dream come true Jackie Long had somehow found me on twitter followed me and dm me for the number said did I want to chill for my birthday. Umm hell yea! We was chillin out in Clearwater beach like either of us needed a tan, but whatever Ia#39;ll put in my time. ... he was about to go in for the kiss before his fucking IPhone started actin all crazy then my cell phone started ringing I was ... aquot;Get up lets go to the park they having a block at cypress!aquot; aquot;Okay thata#39;s whata#39;s up Ia#39;m a call youanbsp;...

Author:Netta Boo
Publisher:WPB - 2014-12-25


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