Prince of Alasia

Prince of Alasia

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Twelve-year-old Prince Jaymin, heir to the throne of Alasia, barely escapes with his life when invaders from neighboring Malorn attack. Accompanied by Erik, his young bodyguard and friend, Jaymin flees to a nearby town to live in hiding. There, coming face to face with the hardships suffered by the poor, he determines to improve his peoplea€™s lives someday when he takes the throne, assuming he can reclaim his kingdom. In his struggle to retain his identity and yet blend in with children in the local school, Jaymina€™s life depends on his ability to protect his secret from both enemy troops and unsuspecting townsfolk. Meanwhile, Erik must resort to his skills in unarmed combat to defend Jaymin against everyone from a gang of schoolyard bullies to the Malornians who regularly patrol the streets looking for trouble a€“ and for the missing prince. As the search intensifies and his enemya€™s suspicions grow, Jaymin seeks desperately for a way to save his kingdom and himself. Then he stumbles upon a startling discovery that will challenge his assumptions and forever change his view of Malorn and the events that altered his life.... money on fun in a video game center in Odaiba, Japan; catch shrimp in Australia, and play soccer at Sacramentoa#39;s Don Nottoli Park. Step into the Amazon rainforest to hear a croaking frog as loud as a car engine and onto the streets of Taiwan to be serenaded ... Buy Better than Cotton Candy for Kindle: Sunshine Leaking: An Anthology of Student Poetry In the mood Betteranbsp;...

Title:Prince of Alasia
Author:Annie Douglass Lima
Publisher:Annie Douglass Lima - 2014-07-12


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