Principles of Economics Volume 1 of 2

Principles of Economics Volume 1 of 2

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This is Volume 1 of 2, covering Chapters 1 - 23 of 34 chapters. Volume 2 covers chapters 24 - 34 plus the appendices. See Excerpt: Principles of Economics is designed for a two-semester principles of economics sequence. The text has been developed to meet the scope and sequence of most introductory courses. At the same time, the book includes a number of innovative features designed to enhance student learning. Instructors can also customize the book, adapting it to the approach that works best in their classroom. The pedagogical choices, chapter arrangements, and learning objective fulfillment were developed and vetted with feedback from educators dedicated to the project. They thoroughly read the material and offered critical and detailed commentary. The outcome is a balanced approach to micro and macro economics, to both Keynesian and classical views, and to the theory and application of economics concepts.Textbook Equity Edition ... 2.3 Confronting Objections to the Economic Approach The economic way of thinking provides a useful approach to understanding human behavior. ... Could a nation be producing in a way that is allocatively efficient, but productively inefficient? ... 12. Explain why societies cannot make a choice above their production possibilities frontier and should not make a choice below it.

Title:Principles of Economics Volume 1 of 2
Author:Textbook Equity Edition - 2014-03-31


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