Principles of Toxicology

Principles of Toxicology

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Toxicology studies the injurious effects of chemical and physical agents (including energy) on living organisms, observed as alterations in structure and function. The variety of injurious effects becomes apparent if we examine the major causes of death (Fl .I). Many of these diseases are caused or accelerated by exposure to toxic substances. Toxicity data from various bio-medical sciences document the effects of exposure to natural or artificial agents. Textbook Contents 1. Scope of Toxicology 2. Risk Assessment 3. Targets and Bio-Transformation 4. Toxicokinetics 5. Hemato- and Vascular Toxicity 6. Dermatotoxicity 7. Neurotoxicity 8. Hepatotoxicity 9. Nephrotoxicity 10. Techniques In Vivo a In Vitro 11 . Pulmonary Toxicity 12. Reproductive Toxicity 13. Geno toxicity 14. Carcinogenicity For free PDF version http: // (USP) $360 $360 15days 15days 120 sqcmor 4grams Sensitization Magnusson-Kligman Method (ISO)with 2extracts ... Observation(ISO) 90Day Observation(ISO) $1350-1875 $1525-1925 $1600-2100 $2155-2575 $2750- 2975 5-6weeksanbsp;...

Title:Principles of Toxicology
Author:Dr. Paul Héroux, PhD. - 2014-12-11


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