Pro Android Flash

Pro Android Flash

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Did you know you can take your Flash skills beyond the browser, allowing you to make apps for Android, iOS and the BlackBerry Tablet OS? Build dynamic apps today starting with the easy-to-use Android smartphones and tablets. Then, take your app to other platforms without writing native code. Pro Android Flash is the definitive guide to building Flash and other rich Internet applications (RIAs) on the Android platform. It covers the most popular RIA frameworks for Android developersa€”Flash and Flexa€”and shows how to build rich, immersive user experiences on both Android smartphones and tablets. You'll learn how to incorporate multimedia, animation, and special effects into your apps for maximum visual appeal. You'll also cover advanced topics, including input methods, hardware inputs, deployment, and performance optimization. What youa€™ll learn Deployment of Flash and Flex to Android How to take your desktop RIAs and adapt them for mobile devices How to integrate Android hardware inputs from the camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer How to build an immersive user interface using Android audio and video assets How to integrate styling and artifacts from a professional designer Best practices for mobile performance tuning and optimization Who this book is for This book is intended for developers who are looking to build rich Internet applications (RIAs) for the Android platform, especially Flash and Flex. Table of Contents Introducing Mobile Flash Targeting Applications for the Mobile Profile Building Flash and Flex Applications for Android Graphics and Animation Application Deployment and Publication Adobe AIR and Native Android Apps Taking Advantage of Hardware Inputs Rich Media Integration The Designer-Developer Workflow Performance Tuning Beyond Mobile: Tablets and TVThis image is included with the PlayBook SDK files that get placed in your Flash Builder installation directory. ... NOTE: At the time of this writing, official BlackBerry Tablet 08 support is expected to ship in a Flash Builder update in the summer of 2011. ... The a€œGetting Started Guideaquot; just mentioned provides simple and easy-to-follow instructions for all of these steps, which will allow you to get startedanbsp;...

Title:Pro Android Flash
Author:Stephen Chin, Dean Iverson, Oswald Campesato, Paul Trani
Publisher:Apress - 2011-07-18


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