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Mobile Media API is a low-footprint and versatile API that enables you to create multimedia applications in Java-enabled phones. With this API, it is possible to add and control audio-, video-, and image-based media to MIDlets from different sources. Pro Java ME MMAPI explores this API in great detail. This book explains the APIs architecture and covers how this architecture sits with the Mobile Independent Device Profile (MIDP). The book also shows you how to best use the multimedia capabilities of a Java-enabled phone. This book includes detailed examples that cover the necessary basics, like audio playback and tone generation, to advanced issues, like synchronized media playback, video capture, and live radio stream. The book incorporates a mobile phone to model these examples, in addition to the Java Wireless Toolkit emulators. This is the first all-in-one reference for creating multimedia applications in Java-enabled phones using the MMAPI. Covers MMAPI thoroughly. Features real-world examples based on an actual phonea€”including a video blogging case study. Table of Contents Introducing Mobile Media API (MMAPI) MMAPI Architecture Getting Started with MMAPI Media Player Lifecycle and Events Accessing Media Over the Network Creating and Playing Tones Using ToneControl Managing MIDI Using MIDIControl, TempoControl, and PitchControl Working with Audio and Video Case Study: Device BloggingMobile Media API for Java Micro Edition Vikram Goyal. Figure 3-2. Playing baby. wav in Suna#39;s DefaultColorPhone emulator, applause.wav in Motorola C975 emulator, and laughter.wav in Motorola C975 device When a file is selected from the list, a new screen shows the actual file name and location, plays this file, ... The code for this MIDlet is divided into two files: AudioPlayer and AudioPlayerCanvas.

Title:Pro Java ME MMAPI
Author:Vikram Goyal
Publisher:Apress - 2006-04-30


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