Proctology Treasure

Proctology Treasure

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Dr. Simon Glover is thrown into the public eye when he wins the National Lottery. In a cruel twist of fate, though, he is shortly thereafter diagnosed with terminal cancer. Having no living relatives, he decides to have a treasure hunt and bequeath his money to the patient from his proctology practice that is able to decipher his clues and find the treasure. Villainous forces, however, are at work, as they frequently are when tens of millions of dollars are involved. It seems everyone wants to get their hands on the booty. Dr. Glover's clues lead us on a humorous adventure through Arizona and Hawaii, in search of Proctology Treasure. Keywords: Humor, Mystery, Treasure Hunt, Arizona, Hawaii, Fiction, Funny, Comedy, Adventure... fresh Hawaiian leis at the Honolulu International Airport, the four made their way to their hotel in style in an elegant, black Lincoln Navigator. Dr. Glover had made all of the arrangements, including their rental car, so the four could focus their time and energy ... Allison asked, placing her travel guide on her lap. ... a€œDr. Glover said that part of the fun in finding the treasure would be the journey, a€ Becky said.

Title:Proctology Treasure
Author:Rick Allen
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2014-12-04


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