Programming the Cell Processor

Programming the Cell Processor

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Make the Most of IBMa€™s Breakthrough Cell Processor in Any Gaming, Graphics, or Scientific Application IBMa€™s Cell processor delivers truly stunning computational power: enough to satisfy even the most demanding gamers and graphics developers. Thata€™s why Sony chose the Cell to drive its breakthrough PlayStation 3 and why Cell processors are at the heart of todaya€™s most powerful supercomputers. But many developers have struggled to create high-performance Cell applications: the practical, coherent information they need simply hasna€™t existed. Programming the Cell Processor solves that problem once and for all. Whether youa€™re a game developer, graphics programmer, or engineer, Matthew Scarpino shows you how to create applications that leverage all the Cella€™s extraordinary power. Scarpino covers everything from the Cella€™s advanced architecture to its powerful tools and libraries, presenting realistic code examples that help you gain an increasingly deep and intuitive understanding of Cell development. Scarpino illuminates each of the Cella€™s most important technical innovations, introduces the commands needed to access its power, and walks you through the entire development process, including compiling, linking, debugging, and simulating code. He also offers start-to-finish case studies for three especially important Cell applications: games, graphics, and scientific computing. The Cell platform offers unprecedented potential, and this book will help you make the most of it.The Outline view in the lower right lists all the functions in the debugged source code and the objects of preprocessor ... Many Linux users prefer command lines, but as graphical user interfaces go, the Eclipse/CDT environment is as good asanbsp;...

Title:Programming the Cell Processor
Author:Matthew Scarpino
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2008-10-14


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