Pure JavaScript

Pure JavaScript

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Pure JavaScript, Second Edition is a substantial and focused reference for experienced Web developers. This book begins with an accelerated introduction to the newest features of JavaScript so that experienced Web developers can quickly understand the concepts of JavaScript and begin developing their own JavaScript solutions immediately. Pure JavaScript, Second Edition contains concise descriptions of JavaScript forms, cookies, windows, and layers. Beyond the brief descriptions and short syntax snippets found in most references, this book also provides real-life, well-commented JavaScript examples for each documented object, property, method, and event handler. This not only helps the reader's understanding of the syntax, but also provides a contextual aid in determining how and why a specific object or method may be used. It also includes a special reference section dedicated to server-side JavaScript, coverage of JScript and Active Scripting, and a complete reference to browser-supported JavaScript.Type Item Description Propertv form Specifies the form name that contains the Reset button name HTML name attribute for the Reset button type HTML type attnbute for the Reset button value HTML value attribute for the Reset button Methodanbsp;...

Title:Pure JavaScript
Author:Jason D. Gilliam, R. Allen Wyke, Charlton Ting, Sean Michaels
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2001-08-15


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