Race Tech's Motorcycle Suspension Bible

Race Tech's Motorcycle Suspension Bible

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Suspension is probably the most misunderstood aspect of motorcycle performance. This book, by Americaa€™s premier suspension specialist, makes the art and science of suspension tuning accessible to professional and backyard motorcycle mechanics alike. Based on Paul Thedea€™s wildly popular Race Tech Suspension Seminars, this step-by-step guide shows anyone how to make their bike, or their kida€™s, handle like a proa€™s. Thede gives a clear account of the three forces of suspension that you must understand to make accurate assessments of your suspensiona€™s condition. He outlines testing procedures that will help you gauge how well youa€™re improving your suspension, along with your riding. And, if youa€™re inclined to perfect your bikea€™s handling, he even explains the black art of chassis geometry. Finally, step-by-step photos of suspension disassembly and assembly help you rebuild your forks and shocks for optimum performance. The book even provides detailed troubleshooting guides for dirt, street, and supermoto--promising a solution to virtually any handling problem.We know that too little rebound damping and too much rebound damping can be equally bad when it comes to both traction ... While there is no ownera#39;s manual that can tell you where to set the adjusters for maximum traction, testing to find this setting ... Let your hands follow the seat as it comes up: this means you are not holding it down nor are you letting your hands completely off the seat. ... Create a bracket of settings by changing the adjustment in one direction until it gets worse.

Title:Race Tech's Motorcycle Suspension Bible
Author:Paul Thede, Lee Parks
Publisher:Motorbooks - 2010-06-19


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