Racing Weight

Racing Weight

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Racing Weight is the first weight-loss program designed specifically for endurance athletes. Using Racing Weight, endurance athletes can find and attain their fastest body weight and compositiona¬Ä¬Ēwithout hurting their training or performance. The Racing Weight program offers 5 strategies based on the latest advances in the science of weight management. After finding their ideal off-season and racing weights, athletes will learn how to improve their diet quality; balance their intake of carbohydrate, protein, and fat; time meals and snacks; manage appetite; and train for lean body composition. Racing Weight is grounded in the science of healthy nutrition and exercise physiology. Packed with findings from recent studies on weight loss and endurance sports performance, Racing Weight explodes myths about fat and weight gain, protein and muscle building, macronutrient ratios, calorie counting, glycemic index, and weight gain during the holidays and off-season. Athletes will learn the truth about sports drinks, supplements, and recovery nutrition. The book includes daily food logs from 14 elite pro athletes and 21 healthy recipes from nutritionist Pip Taylor.A second weight management challenge that is common especially among long- distance triathletes is avoiding excessive weight loss during periods of ... The subject pool was a group of triathletes preparing for the Hawaii IronmanAr.

Title:Racing Weight
Author:Matt Fitzgerald
Publisher:VeloPress - 2009-11-09


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