Reading the Wind

Reading the Wind

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Updated 2013 ebook version As a competition shooter you can control many things, but you cannot control the wind conditions. To excel in any outdoor shooting sport you will need to learn how to compensate for the effects of the wind. Written by Master Sergeant Jim Owens, his 20+ years of Marine Corps Shooting Team experience will give you the knowledge of how to read, judge and adjust for the wind - in any type of rifle competition. Jima€™s book presents a simple system for judging the speed, direction and value of the wind. You'll learn to read the mirage, how to accurately read the range flag, estimate wind speed, wind strategies, effects on the bullet and much more. The coaching techniques section will help your own performance and that of others when shooting in the wind. Also included are 22 sets of wind charts for a variety of calibers (.223, .308, 6.5-08, 6.5-284, .300 Win. Mag.), bullet weights, and for both Across the course and Long Range. There are 80 wind charts in total ! qMy scores have improved drastically. I thank you for your books. High Power shooting is enjoyable when you do better.q a€”Neal Trubitt a€œYour series of books and tapes have helped me make the first daunting steps and I entered my first competitive event ever, the 2004 NRA High Power Week Competition at Camp Perry. Your Data Book is the best that I have seen and all the information that you had put together and your personal commitment to Juniors in the sport is indeed commendable.a€ a€”Steven Field Keywords: windage, rifle, high power, clicks, adjustment, range, chart, training, practice, wind speed, kentucky, hold, sight picture, aim, competition, NRABe sure to use the 1/2 min. charts if your rifle has 1/2 min. clicks or usethe1/4 min. charts ifyour rifle has1/4 min. clicks. ... The wind charts hereare taken from my Data Books, both the Cross the Course Data Book and the Long Range Data Bookanbsp;...

Title:Reading the Wind
Author:Jim Owens
Publisher:Loose Cannon - 2013-10-28


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