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Rebel is the first complete biography of the Confederacya€™s best-known partisan commander, John Singleton Mosby, the a€œGray Ghost.a€ A practicing attorney in Virginia and at first a reluctant soldier, in 1861 Mosby took to soldiering with a vengeance, becoming one of the Confederate armya€™s highest-profile officers, known especially for his cavalry battaliona€™s continued and effective harassment of Union armies in northern Virginia. Although hunted after the war and regarded, in fact, as the last Confederate officer to surrender, he later became anathema to former Confederates for his willingness to forget the past and his desire to heal the nationa€™s wounds. Appointed U.S. consul in Hong Kong, he soon initiated an anticorruption campaign that ruined careers in the Far East and Washington. Then, following a stint as a railroad attorney in California, he surfaced again as a government investigator sent by President Theodore Roosevelt to tear down cattlemena€™s fences on public lands in the West. Ironically, he ended his career as an attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice.Instructions to Sweep Away Illegal Fences. ... the press of both Colorado and Nebraska as riding around the prairie with a set of wire nippers alongside his buggy whip, ... Barbed wire was a potent instrument for change in the American West.

Author:Kevin H. Siepel
Publisher:U of Nebraska Press - 2008-07-01


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