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Leigh Coleman had been abducted and missing for four days until she escaped and was discovered badly injured and unconscious in an abandoned cornfield. Her abductors arena€™t aware that Leigh has no recollection of the incident and make several attempts to silence her forever. Detective George Stokes has only one clue but before he can approach his suspects they disappear and take the only piece of evidence that connects them to the crime. Unless Leigh remembers those missing days the Detective cana€™t make an arrest even if he finds his suspects. Will Leigha€™s memory return before ita€™s too late or will her abductors get to her first?A light color Ford Focus pulled up to the gas pump. About the same time, a second vehicle pulled up to the front of the store; a light color pick-up truck with a scrape along the front fender and drivera#39;s door. The man behind the steering wheel, anbsp;...

Author:P J Cole
Publisher:Author House - 2012-02-07


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