Remember When...

Remember When...

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REMEMBER WHEN... remember when life seemed much simpler? When we didna€™t have so much to do in so little time? When life had little or no worries? When we didna€™t know about or concern ourselves with the worlda€™s problems? Well, when I was growing up, that is what I remember. I was born in April of 1965 and was raised in the late a€˜60s, a€˜70s, and the early a€˜80s, classifying me as a fi rsta€“year Generation Xer. I just missed being a baby boomer by a few months. When I was growing up, we didna€™t have answering machines, cell phones, home computers, emails, microwave ovens, remotes, and many other things that we have today in the year 2010. a€œRemember When . . .a€ is a wonderful quick read that shows how life was so vastly different for the generation before, in everything from family entertainment to technology. Read about how life has changed from the way it was for the baby boomers to the way it is now for the Generation Xers and Generation Yers. a€œRemember When ...a€ also offers an excellent opportunity to reminisce and record your own memories as you read along.When our computer at our place of business was not working, and we had to call a technician, I would get so ... While letter writing has almost become a thing of the past, journaling and noting family history has also become less popular.

Title:Remember When...
Author:Terri Drake Stoltz
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-10-21


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