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Wormhole technology has revealed that our sun will die in 5, 000, 000 years. A race of superbeings, the fabulous Xeelee, owners of the universe, are thought to be responsible. The bizarre and wealthy cult, the Superet, funds two projects aimed at combatting the force that will murder the sun.Louise was on a zero gee scooter, and Uvarov had been strapped into a strippeddown life support chair attached to three of the flexible little scooters. Mark ... a#39;The Universeas animmensesensory deprivation tank... maybe thata#39;s a good imagetosum upthe photino birdsa#39; cosmic handiwork.a#39; Now schematic graphics ofremote galaxies sheets ofthem, at the boundary of the huge void pepperedthe dome withanbsp;...

Author:Stephen Baxter
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-01-24


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