Rule Britannia: Nationalism, Identity and the Modern Olympic Games

Rule Britannia: Nationalism, Identity and the Modern Olympic Games

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On 6 July 2005, the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2012 summer Olympic Games to the city of London, opening a new chapter in Great Britaina€™s rich Olympic history. Despite the prospect of hosting the summer Games for the third time since Pierre de Coubertina€™s 1894 revival of the Olympic movement, the historical roots of British Olympism have received limited scholarly attention. With the conclusion of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the passing of the baton to London, Rule Britannia remedies that oversight. This book uncovers Britaina€™s early Olympic involvement, revealing how the British public, media, and leading governmental officials were strongly opposed to international Olympic competition. It explores how the British Olympic Association focused on three main factors in the midst of widespread national opposition: it embraced early Olympian spectacles as a platform for maintaining a sporting union with Ireland, it fostered a greater sense of imperial identity with Britaina€™s white dominions, and it undertook an ambitious policy of athletic specialization designed to reverse the nationa€™s waning fortunes in international sport. This book was previously published as a special issue of International Journal of the History of Sport.In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, the newly appointed BOA Chairman, the Duke of Somerset, announced the ... British fundraising objectives appeared excessive when compared to the initiatives being undertaken by rival sporting nations. ... to raise $150, 000 (Ap30, 807) to cover the costs of training and preparing a US Olympic team for Berlin.53 In light of the comparatively modest fundraising efforts beinganbsp;...

Title:Rule Britannia: Nationalism, Identity and the Modern Olympic Games
Author:Matthew P. Llewellyn
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-06-11


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