Saddle Club Book 22: Fox Hunt

Saddle Club Book 22: Fox Hunt

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The Saddle Club girls are in for some real excitement when Steviea€™s boyfriend Phil invites them a€“ along with a few other kids from their Pony Club a€“ to participate in a genuine fox hunt. Stevie, Lisa and Carole cana€™t wait for the event to begin, especially when they find out that no harm will come to the fox. But first, to give everyone a chance to learn the ropes, therea€™s a mock hunt in Pine Hollow Stables. As the most devious of the bunch, Stevie is chosen to play the fox. On the day of the hunt, she finds she isna€™t the only one whoa€™s devious... when her prank-playing brothers get involved in the chase!Shecared alot more about her horsea#39;s pedigree, which was considerable, than shedid abouther own considered these facts ... completed the reading assignmentfor English and absolutely didna#39;t understand the word problems her math teacheranbsp;...

Title:Saddle Club Book 22: Fox Hunt
Author:Bonnie Bryant
Publisher:Random House - 2014-08-31


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