SAT Two, Biology and Biology E/M

SAT Two, Biology and Biology E/M

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A guide to the revised SAT II in biology features review questions with answers explained, five full-length practice tests, and a diagnostic examSection Review Answers Explained 13.3 THE PROTISTA KINGDOM Section Review. 9. Two invertebrate phyla are (A) protozoa and thallophyta (B) protozoa and mammalia (C) mollusks and arthropoda (D) protozoa and ... Phylum 1 Bacteria Bacteria are the smallest cells known, varying from 1 to 3 micrometers ( um) in size, compared to about 10 um for most other cells. (There ... 1-B 3-B 5-E 7 -A 9-C 2-E 4-B 6-D 8-C 10-B Answer Key 1-D 3- A 5-B 7-C 9-E 2-B 4-D The Monera Kingdom.

Title:SAT Two, Biology and Biology E/M
Author:Maurice Bleifeld
Publisher:Barrons Educational Series Incorporated - 1998


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