Science from Sight to Insight

Science from Sight to Insight

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John Daltona€™s molecular structures. Scatter plots and geometric diagrams. Watson and Cricka€™s double helix. The way in which scientists understand the worlda€”and the key concepts that explain ita€”is undeniably bound up in not only words, but images. Moreover, from PowerPoint presentations to articles in academic journals, scientific communication routinely relies on the relationship between words and pictures. In Science from Sight to Insight, Alan G. Gross and Joseph E. Harmon present a short history of the scientific visual, and then formulate a theory about the interaction between the visual and textual. With great insight and admirable rigor, the authors argue that scientific meaning itself comes from the complex interplay between the verbal and the visual in the form of graphs, diagrams, maps, drawings, and photographs. The authors use a variety of tools to probe the nature of scientific images, from Heideggera€™s philosophy of science to Peircea€™s semiotics of visual communication. Their synthesis of these elements offers readers an examination of scientific visuals at a much deeper and more meaningful level than ever before.To trace the adaptive radiation of one genus of lizard, Losos shifts from one visual representation to another. We progress from a tree diagram mapping spatiotemporal relationships to a graph representing data trends to a photograph allowinganbsp;...

Title:Science from Sight to Insight
Author:Alan G. Gross, Joseph E. Harmon
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2013-11-25


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