Scientific Information Transfer: The Editor’s Role

Scientific Information Transfer: The Editor’s Role

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It was Faraday who in 1821 said that there are three necessary stages of useful research. The first to begin it, the second toAm end it, and the third 1 to publish it. There has since indeed been so much research and publication that we have become increasingly alarmed by the galloping proliferation of scientific information produced in relation to the user's ability to retrieve and consume it effectively, conveniently and creatively. In 1948, to deal with this concern, the Royal Society Scientific Infor 1 mation Conference held in London spanned the whole realm of scientific in formation. Sir Robert Robinson, President of the Royal Society, in his open ing address noted that qthe study of scientific information services in all its ramifications has enormous scopeq, and the London conference dealt with scientific publication, format, editorial policy, subject grouping, organiza tion, abstracting, reviews, classification, indexing and training of infor mation officers. It was about this time that information science began to develop more on the retrieval end, so it seems logical that the first editors' group founded in 1949 was ICSU AB, the International Council of Scientific Unions Abstract ing Board. In 1958 the National Academy of Sciences International Conference of 2 Scientific Information in Washington limited its interests and expanded on the later phases of the life cycle of information - storage and retrieval.Russella#39;s Advice to Young Professors and Two Problems Associated with Clarity During my years as a student and a teacher I have found it difficult to acquire good advice about how to write essays for scholarly communities. One of the few pieces of advice that I have ... Throughout this paper I will I refer to the above comments as Russella#39;s advice to young scholars. As we will see, this advice, although itanbsp;...

Title:Scientific Information Transfer: The Editor’s Role
Author:M. Balaban
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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