Senior Fitness - U.K. Edition

Senior Fitness - U.K. Edition

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Senior Fitness is written by a senior especially for senior men and women, ages 51 to 80, who want to get fit, stay healthy and enjoy life. Learn how to safely get fit, lose weight, eat healthy and look your best. Learn how to exercise properly; learn how to improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling; learn how to eat to stay healthy and live longer; learn how to lose weight safely and keep it off, and lean how to avoid gaining weight as you get older. Senior Fitness is a great reference and a practical lifelong guide packed with useful and often unique information. This is another sensible, easy-to-use eBook you can trust from NoPaperPress. (Imperial a metric units, PhD author) TABLE OF CONTENTS - What to Expect as You Age - Senior Health Issues - Heart Disease Risk Factors - Stroke a Warning Signs - Diabetes - Counter Measures - Benefits of Being Fit FITNESS ASSESSMENT - Aerobic (Cardio) Assessment - Walking Test - Strength Assessment - Flexibility Assessment - Balance Assessment - Body-Weight Assessment - Nutrition Assessment EXERCISE FOR SENIORS - Calories Burned vs Activity - Types of Exercise - Select the Right Activity - Exercising in Hot Weather - Exercising in Cold Weather IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE - Balance Disorders - Reducing Your Risk of Falling - Balance Training Exercises CARDIO EXERCISE - How Hard? - Target-Heart Rate Method - Target-Training Zone Method - Intensity-Level Guideline - When Not to Trust Your Pulse - Cardio: How Long a Often? - Typical Cardio Workout - Pulse Measurement - Walking Program - Get a Pedometer - Jogging Program STRENGTH TRAINING - Strength Programs - Dumbbell Exercises - Additional Dumbbell Exercises - More Exercises - Missed Workouts - Exercise Risks a Problems - Avoiding Injury - Keep an Exercise Log - Workout to Feel Good NUTRITION FOR SENIORS - Our Terrible Eating Habits - Nutrients a Micronutrients - Proteins are Building Blocks - You Need Carbs - Glycemic Index - Cholesterol a Triglycerides - Good a Bad Fats - Vitamins a Minerals - Healthy Eating Guidelines - Basic Food Groups - Organic Food a€“ Yes or No? - Is Organic Worth the Cost? - Is Vegetarianism for You? - Types of Vegetarians - Vegetarian Lifestyle - Vitamin a Mineral Supplements - Food Container Labels - Calorie Value of Foods - You need Fiber - Drink Lots of Water - Go Easy on Salt - Restrict Sugar - Limit Alcohol a Caffeine - About Sports Drinks - Common Sense Nutrition WEIGHT CONTROL - Causes of Overweight a Obesity - Weight Change a Energy - Slimming Math Made Easy - Weight Loss Prediction Tables - Weight Loss Prediction Example - Why Weight Loss Decreases Over Time - Weight Loss Due to Water Variations - The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau - Weight Loss Principles - Which Weight Loss Diet? - Planning Weight Loss Eating Patterns - Set Meals a Calorie Control - 900, 1200, 1500, 1800 kcal Diets - Keep a Log of What you Eat - Weight Maintenance - Keeping It Off - Weight Maintenance Example - Planning Maintenance Eating Patterns - Use Mini Diets to Maintain Weight - Summarize Your Nutritional Needs This eBook has 45 Tables and 14 Figures. Many of the tables are new and unique. BIBLIOGRAPHYfollowing week, however, the bodya#39;s water balance will again readjust and the total weight loss should more closely follow the values in the ... Next, calculate your allimportant daily caloric deficit (maintenance calories minus your daily caloric intake). ... 70-year-old woman who weighs 11 stone (70 kg) and is on a 1500-kcalorie reducing diet feels that she has stopped losing weight, has reached a plateau.

Title:Senior Fitness - U.K. Edition
Author:Vincent Antonetti, PhD
Publisher:NoPaperPress LLC - 2013-12-08


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