Shadow and Stinger

Shadow and Stinger

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Nicknamed a€œthe truck killer, a€ the AC-119K gunship and its counterpart, the AC-119G, were developed in the late 1960s in response to the needs of the U.S. military in Vietnam. This important book examines the evolution of these aircraft and their role within Vietnam, military policy, and geopolitical realities. Drawing on unpublished studies and a host of primary materials, William Head discusses the events that led to the birth of the AC-119, the planning and modification processes that followed, and its operational history. The G model, or a€œShadow, a€ focused on air support and anti-personnel missions. a€œStinger, a€ the K model, which could carry more cargo for longer distances, was suited for destruction of enemy vehicles. Though the AC-119 was only an interim asset, its descendantsa€”the AC-130E, H, and Ua€”have played an active role in the recent conflict in Iraq. A narrative of the crews and pilots who executed the missions and the engineers, designers, and the politicians responsible for the aircraft, Shadow and Stinger will be of interest to Vietnam veterans, historians, and scholars, as well as aviation their USAF counterparts that the criteria be scaled back from a 200- fpm, single -engine climb rate at maximum gross ... They asked Continental Air Command personnel to undertake an unspecified number of CONUS missions with three AC-1 ... with those on the C-119 dash one flight manual and to determine the composite fuel-flow rates for gunship missions. ... on 19 July revealed that the aggregate fuel-flow rates for the two complete missions came 134 SHAOOW AND STINGER.

Title:Shadow and Stinger
Author:William P. Head
Publisher:Texas A&M University Press - 2007


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