SharePoint 2010 as a Development Platform

SharePoint 2010 as a Development Platform

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SharePoint is gaining recognition as a full-fledged application server with many features and enhancements that specifically allow non-developers to create sophisticated intranet sites. However, with the 2010 release, Microsofta€™s SharePoint increasingly becomes a compelling development platform. The strong application programming interface (API), its highly extensible nature, and its foundation on the underlying .NET Framework all generate a€œthe perfect storma€ to make it one of the most powerful web development platforms available. However, with power comes complexity. The wide range of usage scenarios make it difficult for developers to grasp the full ability of this next-generation platform. This book takes an in-depth, all-encompassing approach to programming concepts, the extensibility interfaces, and how to embrace SharePoint as a toolkit full of features available to web developers. Take an in-depth look into the internals of SharePoint. Create sophisticated applications using SharePoint controls and databases. Understand the API and use in conjunction with ASP.NET to extend SharePoint. SharePoint is more than a portal and more than an intranet. Harness its capabilities and put it to work for you. What youa€™ll learn The hierarchy of SharePointa€™s API How to create rich, extensible, and broad SharePoint applications How to use SharePointa€™s internals How to approach SharePoint as an open toolkit rather than a closed, intranet-only model How to take advantage of SharePointa€™s extensibility and customize its behavior Who this book is for This book is for ASP.NET developers who want to create applications using SharePoint as a platform. Ita€™s also for users of SharePoint Designer that want to professionalize their development work. Table of Contents Developer Basics Architecture Accessing the API Data Access External Data Access Web Parts Templates Application Techniques Solution Deployment Extending the User Interface Using Web Controls Client Programming Integrating Silverlight Integrating Charts and Maps Forms Services and InfoPath Workflows Administrative Tasks Enterprise FeaturesFinally, you can now package SharePoint Designer workflows into a WSP solution file, open this solution from Visual ... To design a SharePoint workflow, start a new Visio diagram by selecting the Microsoft SharePoint Workflow template in theanbsp;...

Title:SharePoint 2010 as a Development Platform
Author:Joerg Krause, Martin Döring, Christian Langhirt, Bernd Pehlke, Alexander Sterff
Publisher:Apress - 2010-06-30


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