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Captain Peter Van Damm finds himself passed over for the rank of admiral and retires. The Company makes him an offer he can't refuse: command of his old Triton sub, Oregon, and a large sum of money if he will take his old sub out on a shakedown cruise with an untried heavy water power plant. He ends up with a sub half full of women, the other half consists of retired sailors and marines, and everyone trying to sink the sub.With a rip and roar, the main sail split down the middle, and they limped back to the marina with the outboard. a€œI said she ... a€œYes, yes, a€ said the salesman, as he tried to nail down his commission. a€œWhat is your ... If you can fix her up so we can go sailing and they approve, I will give you the twenty-five grand. a€ a€œNo, No, No!

Author:Bernard Smith
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-12-01


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