Sheila’s Bucket

Sheila’s Bucket

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Chants of qWhack 'em! Whack 'em!q signal the creation of the University Anti-Corruption Movement (UACM)-a movement that will find itself in the center of a tempest, including a financial scandal and a tragic act of violence that ends up galvanizing an entire city, state, and nation. As an increasingly intransigent university administration continues to ignore a student strike, the protesters slowly escalate their action-as does the police captain in charge of crowd control. When rumors of student abductions begin to surface, things really begin to get out of hand. It is in this powder-keg environment that a fall semester begins and ends for the soon-to-retire university president Arlan Bellows and political science majors Kyle Remington and Sheila MacLise. Sheila's Bucket is a novel set on an unnamed university campus in the United States. It addresses the issue of higher education affordability and the ever-increasing debt today's students get saddled with-before that first job...The debt incurred by those who have to get them, those who have no other choice if they want to get their degrees, is getting ... Oh, and not credit card debt used to pay tuition bills, either. ... and the loansa€” get thisa€”have no expiration date.

Title:Sheila’s Bucket
Author:Johannes Black - 2013-11


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